Hi, my name is Hemi and I'm the Sugarplumfairyfingers. I am a nail technician and session manicurist.


"Sugarplumfairyfingers is my brand and my career. Yes, making living is my goal like everyone else, but I chose this career because I genuinely love what I do."


In reality, I am the wife of a silicon valley computer geek who is also a foodie, and a servant of 3 very fat big kitties. My husband and my friends think that I am the superstar in the nail world. I love eating, laughing and sleeping. I am obsessed with my husband and my cats. I love my life because I have loving family and friends, and I love what I do. That's really all that I'm about.

Like most nail tech's story out there, I too started doing my own nails as long as I can remember. Well, I also was a nail biter too. I almost always wore black nail polish on my short bitten nails, because I always had paint stains under my nails since I was an art student in high school and college. I thought black nail polish was the most chic thing a kid like me can pull off, and that's how my nail obsession started.

In 2011, I decided to go to cosmetology school for the manicurist license pretty much on a whim. But then I was introduced to trade shows during my student year, and I fell in love with the industry more and more. I am not sure what got into me, but the chemistry and biology behind the nail technology really intrigued me. After I was licensed and got a job, and I decided that I needed to learn more. It was 2013 when I first attended to the 'nail camp' in WA, and I actually competed in nail art category. I won the second place, and I cried my eyeballs out because I wasn't expecting anything from myself. But I guess I was hooked on nail educations and competitions right there, and since then, I've never looked back.

Of course my story doesn't quite end there. I had some health issues so I had to leave my job for a while. Which turned out to be blessings in disguise because I was able to explore a lot more like being a competition model and take more educations. And I decided to participate in Nails:Mastered program to expand my horizon as a session manicurist. It was once in a lifetime opportunity to get feedback from experts like Marian Newman (she's THE session manicurist!!), and my career just became a lot more than a salon nail tech. Yes, I am one of those lucky one to experience all sides of nail industry (and some fashion industry too).


One of my very recent achievement is Nailympia USA 2017. I decided to compete in my first hands-on competition in Stiletto sculpture nails, and I took the first place in division 2. I also took a silver medal home with my Mixed media category as well. Yeah, I feel pretty awesome about it, because I have lost so much sleep and my sanity over it. But it was one of the best day of my career.


Long story short, I have decided to start my own 'thing' after a long break. My thing is being an all-round player in the nail industry. I wouldn't exactly call it a business. Sugarplumfairyfingers is all about getting things in the right way whether it's salon style nails or editorial style nails. It's also about practicing safe services and raising the safety standard of the industry, because that's really the bottom line. (and maybe doing a cover of Vogue my personal one, but you get the picture, right?) 

So that's me. I hope you will explore my portfolio too because my work is far far better than my writing ;)


Updated: 1/1/2018> Well, I have not stopped at the winning some medals at Nailympia USA. I actually decided to enter the nails industry's most prestigious nail art competitions, Next Top Nail Artist season 5 hosted by Nails Magazine and CND. I got in and short-listed in 24 competitors in October, 2017. Then I went through 2 rounds of Pre-challenges to be in top 12. Guess what, I got in that top 12. I am excited and nervous about the competition because it can well last 6 months of weekly crazy nail art galore, but I am ready to take another big step to be advanced in the nail industry.

The competition is online based, and judged and sponsored by the leaders of the industry, so yeah, it's a huge deal!! The official competition kicks off in January 2018, so please visit my IG @sugarplumfairyfingers or the official NTNA website http://www.nailsmag.com/nexttopnailartist/2017/artists/4481 for latest updates on what I am up to, and also to vote for me!!!