Hi, my name is Hemi and I'm the Sugarplumfairyfingers. I am a nail technician and session manicurist.


"Sugarplumfairyfingers is my brand and my career. Yes, making living is my goal like everyone else, but I chose this career because I genuinely love what I do."


In reality, I am the wife of a silicon valley computer geek who is also a foodie, and a servant of 3 very fat big kitties. My husband and my friends think that I am the superstar in the nail world. I love eating, laughing and sleeping. I am obsessed with anything cats, coffee, food and NAIL!! I love my life because I have loving family and friends, and I love what I do. That's really all that I'm about.

Like most nail tech's story out there, I too started doing my own nails as long as I can remember. Well, I also was a nail biter too. I almost always wore black nail polish on my short bitten nails, because I always had paint stains under my nails since I was an art student in high school and college. I thought black nail polish was the most chic thing a kid like me can pull off, and that's how my nail obsession started.

I pretty much experienced everything within the nail industry. I have won medals from international and local nail competitions, I have helped organize industry event, I model for competitions, I work with creative team for editorials, and I teach nail art. As much as I love wearing different hats and having different titles, I still love challenges and learning new things. I have more than handful of qualifications and certifications from various nail related educations as well as safety and social media. My biggest achievement and challenge was competing 6 months for Nails Next Top Nail Artist Season 5, where I had submit new nail art pieces weekly to compete against other contestants. I came overall 3rd, and I couldn’t ask for the better outcome as this was my first shot at NTNA. But, I have not stopped there, because I am still crazy passionate about experiencing new sides of the industry, and I want to look beyond my nail table and competition seat.

As of October 2018, I have started a new journey at a new studio in downtown Santa Clara after a year-long challenge of competing for Nails Next Top Nail Artist and picking my life after that. It has been such a blessing year full of nail art and new challenges that I have never thought about when I first started doing nails 5 years ago. I have just published my cover for NAILS magazine in the US, and an interview spread with NAILHOLIC magazine in Korea. My emotions go beyond expressible about the opportunities I came across, but I could not have done all of this without support from my clients and my family. So to return the love and support, I have decided that it was time to provide my services in more upscale environment where anyone can just relax and enjoy their time. Because in the end, I provide very personal services, so I felt that my clients deserve clean personal space at the least.

Yes, I am actually super serious about my nail career and I am madly in love with what I do. And that’s what makes me unique and stand-out from a world full of nail people, if you have to give yourself a reason to consider my services!



-Northwest Nail Tech Retreat 2014: Mixed Media Junior 2nd place

-Nailpro Competition Las Vegas 2015: Hand Painted Nail Art Novice 9th place

-Northwest Nail Tech Retreat 2016: Mixed Media Junior 1st place

-Nails:Mastered with Marian Newman Alumni

-Opened Sugarplumfairyfingers in Cupertino, CA

-Northwest Nail Tech Retreat 2017: Mixed Media Veteran 1st place

-Nailympia USA 2017: Design Stiletto Div.2 1st place

-Nailympia USA 2017: Mixed Media Nail Art Div.2 2nd place

-Nails Next Top Nail Artist S.5: Overall 3rd place