As of January 2018, I am closing my book to solely focus on my current clients and Nails Next Top Nail Artist competition.

At the moment, balancing my life between clients and competing is hard enough, and I feel it's not fair for my most loyal, loving and caring clients to not be able to have my dedication to them. Even though I love what I do, I am a very small business and I have zero interest in stretching myself any further, because I don't want to lose or sacrifice quality and safety of all my services.

I want to continue to love my job while I am taking the biggest step of my career to advance within the nail industry.


All new client appointments are currently closed till TBA

If you are wish to get on a waitlist, please contact me via email with your contact information and desired services.


Meanwhile, please check out my IG @sugarplumfairyfingers for latest updates on my ongoing Nails NTNA competitions or check out the official Nails NTNA website: